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[28/3/2015] KYA CUP (season 13) TDM 2V2 written by FrStealer, 4 years, 7 months ago

Hey everyone ! We are back with an awesome TMD 2V2 CUP on saturday 28 march ! :)

Gametype : 2V2 TDM
date : SATURDAY 28 march 2015 2:30 pm CET (check in start @ 2 pm )
Timelimit : 15
Map Pool: wdm1 ,wdm12 ,wdm14; ,wdm15, & wdm18 !!
round will be : bo3
Finale : bo5 !
Servers: We'll ask kfp (<3) and we'll make sure to tell you all the usable serv (with all proper map on it ) to use on irc .
Stream : Pm me if you can and want to stream :)


Teams will need to report scores at the end of each map to an admin via IRC

Hope we will get a lot of sign !
HF and GL !
irc : #kyacup


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