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3V3 CA CUP ! written by FrStealer, 4 years, 11 months ago

DATE : Sunday 6 September

Gametype : 3V3 CA (In 1.6 we hope <3)
Date : 3:00 pm CET (check in start @ 2:30 pm)
Scorlimite: 11
Map Pool: wca1, wca3, cwm2, cwm3, Cloudinea

Download here : []
and furiousheight needs 2 others file to work nicely: []

Round will be : bo3
Finale : bo5
Servers: Kya servers and the one you'll find
Stream : Pm me if you can and want to stream !

PRIZE POOL : A Server For YOUR Team ! You'll have op , just give us the name and the caracteristique you want and we will host it for you (pay for it !)


Teams will need to report scores at the end of each map to an admin via IRC

Hope we'll get some teams !
HF and GL !
irc : #kyacup


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